Small Business Health & Medical Insurance Plans

Anderson Health offers advice to all types and size of businesses.

Medical Insurance for SME’s is available for firms with three employees upwards and generally speaking these types of schemes show substantial savings over Individual Plans.

Most Insurers now offer menu driven products so Anderson Health will be able to advise you on the most suitable options to meet your company’s specific needs.

SME schemes are otherwise known as Community or age related plans. Community pricing means that any future renewal will largely be determined by how the Insurer’s overall book of SME business has been performing. Age related means that there will different rates for the different employee ages, usually by way of five or ten year age bandings.

The method of starting or joining schemes like these is either by FMU (full medical underwriting) or by MORI (a moratorium).

FMU means that you will have to complete an application form giving full details of your medical history. Any pre-existing medical condition or on-going treatment will be excluded from cover. If necessary the insurer may write to your doctor for more information.

MORI is when you are asked to complete a form but you are not asked details of your medical history. Instead the insurer will not cover any medical condition that has existed in the last five years. These conditions may become eligible for cover after two years, provided that you do not have any symptoms or have not received any treatment, tests or advice (even a GP consultation) during the two year period.

Anderson Health can arrange for existing group schemes to change provider on a ‘no worst medical terms’ or a continuation basis. This means that while any medical exclusions imposed by the current insurer would be maintained, no new medical exclusions would be imposed by the new insurer.